The Beach, Nice.


In chapter 1, this exotic location is where the partially clothed body of a young woman has been found. As she fits the description of someone who mysteriously vanished and was acquainted with James Carsell-Brown, he is taken to police headquarters in Nice and questioned. After his release, James is then subjected to deception, kidnapping and interrogation by other parties.

Background – The Time Jigsaw

The story relates to time travel adventures involving espionage and romance.  It opens in the exclusive, affluent and sophisticated  French Riviera then moves to picturesque Scotland.  Scenes take place in Argyll, Edinburgh, Glasgow  and Leith.  Ardrishaig provides the main location within rural Argyll.  This idyllic village on Loch Fyne is where events begin to unfold and lead James Carsell-Brown back in time.  

The Time Jigsaw – Blurb

The Time Jigsaw is a stylish novel which focuses on the adventures of James Carsell-Brown, a native of Scotland living and working in Nice.  Whilst there, he meets the lady of his dreams – pretty Michelle Duvalier.  When the body of a young woman fitting her description is washed up on a beach, all hell breaks loose.  James is kidnapped but escapes and flees to the calmer shores of Scotland.  He is then thrown back in time and becomes involved in a series of adventures.