1967 The Summer of Music

1967 The Summer of Music

In Britain, ‘pirate’ radio stations operated in coastal waters. The Beatles reached their musical peak in making the Sgt Pepper album. Procol Harum puzzled record listeners with the lyrics to a ‘Whiter Shade Of Pale’. Nancy Sinatra performed the theme song for the latest Bond film, ‘You Only Live Twice’. The Beatles not only held the top spot in Britain’s album chart but also in August topped the single charts. Their single ‘All You Need Is Love’ sold over million copies within a short space of time. Anita Harris recorded ‘Just Loving You’, written by Tom Springfield, brother of Dusty. If The Time Jigsaw is made into a film, this will be an ideal theme song. It is a romantic ballad which contains lyrics that reveal Abbie Anderson’s feelings for the time traveller.

1967 The Summer of Love

1967 The Summer of Love

A term renowned for ‘hanging out’ in San Francisco plus other major American cities and used for the title of the penultimate chapter. A time synonymous for free love and taking drugs. In Britain, women’s contraception in the form of a birth control pill was introduced. For men, fashionable attire revolved around London’s Carnaby Street. The hot summer and culture of this year encouraged the birth of a permissive society. Shackles were discarded and a ‘wind of change’ in Britain had begun.

After twenty-seven years, Abigail Anderson is reunited with the time traveller. When they last met, Abigail was a young girl. Now in her mid-thirties, she is an attractive fun-loving lady. The summer of 1967 would turn out to be a special time for both of them.

Dunkirk 1940

Dunkirk 1940

In chapter 10, Lieutenant William Carsell-Brown and his squad have been ordered to head for the channel port of Dunkirk. An evacuation of allied troops will begin immediately in a bid to save them from being taken prisoner by the German army. All type of boats are sailing from Britain to Dunkirk on a vital rescue mission. Allied troops have been instructed to form an orderly queue on the beach at Dunkirk. This queue stretches out into the sea where troops stand up to their waist in water.

Ardennes Forest, May 1940

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German tank units head through the Ardennes forest towards Sedan on the east bank on the Meuse River. In the north, the battle has already started with Wehrmacht troops invading Holland Luxembourg and Belgium. British and French troops have advanced towards Belgium to meet the threat. However, Sedan is not well-fortified by French troops as it is deemed to be impenetrable. The German High Command thought otherwise.