The Time Jigsaw – Blurb

The Time Jigsaw is a stylish novel which focuses on the adventures of James Carsell-Brown, a native of Scotland living and working in Nice.  Whilst there, he meets the lady of his dreams – pretty Michelle Duvalier.  When the body of a young woman fitting her description is washed up on a beach, all hell breaks loose.  James is kidnapped but escapes and flees to the calmer shores of Scotland.  He is then thrown back in time and becomes involved in a series of adventures.

Author: timejigsaw

I was born in Edinburgh and resided in the capital's historic Royal Mile. (An influence for my third novel, Awakening) Working for a well-known brewer as a representative, I relocated to Aberdeen then Glasgow. Attending college and university, I achieved Chartered Marketer status which assists in marketing my novels. I now stay in a Victorian property in acres of ground which looks onto the River Clyde and this was the spark for my debut novel, The Time Jigsaw. Check out for all novels.

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