Background – The Time Jigsaw

The story relates to time travel adventures involving espionage and romance.  It opens in the exclusive, affluent and sophisticated  French Riviera then moves to picturesque Scotland.  Scenes take place in Argyll, Edinburgh, Glasgow  and Leith.  Ardrishaig provides the main location within rural Argyll.  This idyllic village on Loch Fyne is where events begin to unfold and lead James Carsell-Brown back in time.  

Author: timejigsaw

I was born in Edinburgh and resided in the capital's historic Royal Mile. (An influence for my third novel, Awakening) Working for a well-known brewer as a representative, I relocated to Aberdeen then Glasgow. Attending college and university, I achieved Chartered Marketer status which assists in marketing my novels. I now stay in a Victorian property in acres of ground which looks onto the River Clyde and this was the spark for my debut novel, The Time Jigsaw. Check out for all novels.

One thought on “Background – The Time Jigsaw”

  1. Promises to be an interesting read, focusing on lots of familiar places including the cosmopolitan Nice..

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