The Time Jigsaw Deliverance


As St Valentine Day approaches, so does the May release of The Time Jigsaw sequel.  The Time Jigsaw Deliverance is set in New York amidst the Wall Street Crash of 1929 and surrounds Elizabeth Carsell-Brown.  Consequences of this traumatic period dramatically diminish her middle-class lifestyle and relationship with husband James.  Elizabeth’s quest for survival, peace of mind and happiness tale her from New York to Ireland then Scotland.

The Time Jigsaw Series

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The manuscript for The Time Jigsaw Deliverance has now been finalised and the book should soon be on sale.  The third in the series, The Time Jigsaw Awakening is currently being written and The Time Jigsaw – Beginnings, will follow.  A minor character will enter TJ Awakening and return in TJ Beginnings.  This person will be the main character in book 5.

The Time Jigsaw Deliverance

The sequel to The Time Jigsaw is currently being ‘fine-tuned’ by myself and this process should be completed within the next two weeks. I am going through the experience that authors endure – the need to have a manuscript as perfect as possible. I have gone over the storyline many times and still could continue to edit before passing it to my publisher. However, there comes a time when you have to let it be – you may alter too much and distort a scene. No doubt other authors have suffered from ‘perfection syndrome’ at one time. I will be glad when this manuscript is off my hands – another 2 novels in The Time Jigsaw series are in my head and ready to be written.