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Hollywood, 1930. Georgina, a personable fun-loving woman, sits alone with another large glass of wine for company. She has discovered that her actor partner has gambled away their mansion and is dating a young actress. To compound matters, Georgina is under suspicion for her husband’s murder a year earlier.

Georgina leaves America for the sanctuary of far-away Crete. With a new identity, she finds work as a teacher of music. Soon, she shares a property with Elena, a beautiful raven-haired socialite who has powerful, but dubious companions.

When invaded by the Germans, Crete is thrown into turmoil. Their soldiers begin a brutal occupation of the island and hardship ensues. By chance, Georgina meets a German officer and an unlikely romance blossoms. Because of her association with Erich Hoeness, she is suspected of being a spy.

Erich is a loyal soldier, but also has a conscience. He starts to siphon German food supplies to ease some islander’s starvation. However, given German atrocities on Crete, will this compassion save him and Georgina from savage retribution?

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James Carsell-Brown is a time traveller. He finds himself in the future, where he encounters an attractive young lady.

Unknown to James, she is the ghost of the woman who took her own life in 1916.

He is thrown back to 1916; before the gruesome act occurs. He investigates what caused her to end her life. But can he prevent her suicide? Is time on his side or his enemy?

Returning to the future, James makes a startling discovery, changing his life forever. To investigate further, he visits Edinburgh, where yet another shock awaits him. Is the death of the young woman related?

Republished: 21 April 2020

Publisher: Beaufort Publishing

Language: English

Format: eBook

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The setting for The Time Jigsaw sequel – New York, 1929.

Republished: 27 February 2020
Publisher: Beaufort Publishing
Language: English
Format: eBook, Paperback and Hardback eBook/Paperback/Hardback

US Edition eBook/Paperback/Hardback

The Time Jigsaw


Following a move from Scotland to Nice, James Carsell-Brown’s life begins to change when he meets pretty Michelle Duvallier, whom he believes is the woman of his dreams. However, appearances can be deceptive.

After the body of a young woman matching Michelle’s description is washed up on a beach, all hell breaks loose.

James is kidnapped, but escapes and decides to flee Nice for the calmer waters of his native land. There, he faces new challenges – time travelling from one period to another by chance.

Republished: 1 June 2022
Publisher: Beaufort Publishing
Language: English
Format: eBook and Paperback eBook/Paperback

US Edition eBook/Paperback

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