Mallaig Harbour

6 Facts about the location of my next event scheduled for 6 September.

The village of Mallaig was formed in 1840 and the landowner encouraged his tenants to enhance its fishing potential.

Mallaig has access to distance learning for courses at Lochaber College and 8% of locals use the facilities. A learning centre in the village has courses specifically designed for fishermen.

In 1960, Mallaig was the busiest herring port in Europe.

It is the main commercial fishing port in the Scottish West Highlands.

The area has been used for popular films including Harry Potter and Local Hero. Apparently, when filming Local Hero in April 1982, legendary Hollywood actor Burt Lancaster visited the village.

In 2009, the journey from Glasgow to Mallaig was voted the top rail line in the world by an independent traveller’s magazine.



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I was born in Edinburgh and resided in the capital's historic Royal Mile. (An influence for my third novel, Awakening) Working for a well-known brewer as a representative, I relocated to Aberdeen then Glasgow. Attending college and university, I achieved Chartered Marketer status which assists in marketing my novels. I now stay in a Victorian property in acres of ground which looks onto the River Clyde and this was the spark for my debut novel, The Time Jigsaw. Check out for all novels.

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