Merry Christmas


Tuesday 25th December 1945


William Carsell-Brown came downstairs and gazed at the eight-foot tall Christmas tree which stood proudly in the hall.  He spotted a red bauble on the brown lino floor, picked it up and put it back onto the decorated tree.  William then walked into the warm living room towards a large rectangular brass rimmed mirror surrounded by green holly and white tinsel.  The mirror was above the grey stone fireplace whose mantelpiece displayed a selection of Christmas greeting cards.  William stood a safe distance from the open fireplace, looked downwards at the roaring coal fire then upwards whilst straightening his deep red necktie.  He stood back from the mirror and stared into it.  As Olivia entered the room, William smiled.

    “It is appropriate for Christmas Day William, the necktie matches your white shirt and dark attire.”

    “If I don’t wear it today, mother will carry out an inquisition!”

    “I would presume so.”

     William turned to face Olivia.  “You look delightful darling.”

      She walked over to her husband and kissed him on the cheek.  “Thank you.”

      “The mistletoe is in the hall Olivia.”  William laughed whilst admiring her elegant black dress.

     Olivia adjusted her gold bracelet and stared at the clock on the dark wooden sideboard.  “Gosh, is that the time?  Your parents will soon be here!” 

      “Don’t worry darling, as usual you have everything under control.”

      “Perhaps this Christmas I will be able to relax.”     

      “Darling, can I taste a piece of turkey?”

      “No, you will have to wait until the meal is served.”

      William smiled, “okay.” 

      Olivia walked over to the living room bay window.  “We certainly got our white Christmas.”  

      William followed and stood beside her.  “Later this evening, you can play the Bing Crosby recording of the song on the radiogram.  The song is appropriate for this time of year, it also revives memories.” 

      “Yes, it does.”  I wonder where James Carsell-Brown is at this festive time?  Is he with his loved ones? 

      “A penny for them Olivia.”

      She smiled, “just thinking of the past William.”

      William hugged his pretty wife.  “War is now over Olivia.”

      I wasn’t thinking of the war. 

      “People can return to a happier way of life – however austere.  Mind you, Clement Attlee’s post-war Labour Government will have their work cut out to improve the economy.”

      “Given what happened during the war, we are fortunate to have our family together.”

      William smiled, “and I still drive with caution.”

      “Thanks to a certain individual.”

      “I am grateful to him.  Wherever James may be, I hope he is having a joyful Christmas.”

      Olivia kissed William and then looked out of the frosty bay window.  Thank you Mr Time Traveller for saving my husband’s life five years ago.  Will we ever see you again?  Merry Christmas wherever you are.



Author: timejigsaw

I was born in Edinburgh and resided in the capital's historic Royal Mile. (An influence for my third novel, Awakening) Working for a well-known brewer as a representative, I relocated to Aberdeen then Glasgow. Attending college and university, I achieved Chartered Marketer status which assists in marketing my novels. I now stay in a Victorian property in acres of ground which looks onto the River Clyde and this was the spark for my debut novel, The Time Jigsaw. Check out for all novels.

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